Wesley Dysart

Hi I’m Wesley and I make music


So I’m relearning things

I used to be fairly adept at building websites. I learned HTML in high school in one of those little elective courses. I had little 3D molecules on my first website, it was pretty neat, and the whole thing fit on a floppy disc.

Eventually, I started learning Dreamweaver and building sites with EZGenerator (fun fact: the same company that build Fruityloops, or FL Studio). Then along came WordPress and I saw learned the power of themes and more complicated site mechanics utilizing posts/categories/widgets/etc.

But at some point, I essentially let my websites coast along and didn’t exactly keep up with new developments. Ultimately this led to my ghost ship sites eventually sinking. I’ve now resurrected my food blog http://www.denofdining.com/, my label site (as of this date it’s there in name only), and of course, my artist site that you’re on now.

On my old site, it had a wonderful blog page where I went into detail about music, production, life, and whatnot, so as I’m slowly getting back up to speed I thought I’d maybe do some old-school blogging. Social media is increasingly disappointing and I’m nostalgic for just typing out my thoughts. So, stay tuned as I continue to work on the site and maybe even release some new music.